An exotic land of untold riches. A land culturally divided by race and caste. A land of a thousand divine religions. A land of heat, disease and death.

Indostan. A land at war.

While the remnants of the Great Gurkani Empire tosses in its death throes, a myriad of warring princely states and their private armies vie for the imperial throne. Both Britain and France, served by the British East Indostan Company and La Compagnie des Indostan, respectively, have harbored invested interests in Indostan for decades, conducting relatively peaceful and lucrative enterprise with the blessings of the last of the Gurkani Emperors. But with a war in Europe brewing and the volatile state of affairs in Indostan, each has been forced to back a royal claimant and join the war. Who will triumph in the relentless heat and claim Indostan as the Jewel in the Crown...?

This blog is dedicated to a wargaming campaign set in a fictitious 18th century India, using the Sharp Practice rules. Gathered here are all of the after action reports of the games played, location and character bios, as well as information on the terrain and miniatures used. Enjoy.


Sharp Practice Cover

The rules used throughout this campaign are the excellent Sharp Practice set produced by "Too Fat Lardies". They are especially designed with the Napoleonic Wars in mind but are equally useful for any black powder period.
Our group finds them particularly lighthearted and fun, with enough tactical decisions to still make the game challenging. The Big Men are the greatest draw card, personally representing the players and all with their own little quirks and personalities.

Taken from the Lardies' site:
Winner of the TMP "Best Historical Wargame for 2008" Award, these are the ultimate rule set of rules for wargaming the actions of literary heroes, with swashbuckling advantures in the black powder age. Packed with colour and character Sharp Practice transcend the gap between wargaming and role playing and allow the gamer to fight large scale skirmishes between 30 and 120 figrues per side.
Comprehensive rules on developing your characters are combined with an elegant combat system. Ideal for the Napoleonic period but with ample room in the rules for expansion to other campaigns, with rules on North American indians, colonial types, small boat actions and cutting out parties, as well as an eye opening section on Napoleonic drill on the wargames table.

The rules are available for purchase here.