An exotic land of untold riches. A land culturally divided by race and caste. A land of a thousand divine religions. A land of heat, disease and death.

Indostan. A land at war.

While the remnants of the Great Gurkani Empire tosses in its death throes, a myriad of warring princely states and their private armies vie for the imperial throne. Both Britain and France, served by the British East Indostan Company and La Compagnie des Indostan, respectively, have harbored invested interests in Indostan for decades, conducting relatively peaceful and lucrative enterprise with the blessings of the last of the Gurkani Emperors. But with a war in Europe brewing and the volatile state of affairs in Indostan, each has been forced to back a royal claimant and join the war. Who will triumph in the relentless heat and claim Indostan as the Jewel in the Crown...?

This blog is dedicated to a wargaming campaign set in a fictitious 18th century India, using the Sharp Practice rules. Gathered here are all of the after action reports of the games played, location and character bios, as well as information on the terrain and miniatures used. Enjoy.


A compilation of characters (Big Men) appearing in our campaign, listed here in order of relevance.
Cpt. Thomas “Indigo” is a despicable Englishman turned pyrate, but a Jolly Good Chap as far as his mates are concerned. He is a strapping fellow (5) with a face like a pig’s backside who is disliked by his crew. Although a fair-hand with the sword, he couldn’t ride a horse to save his life and is a Sanctimonious Lecher who believes his men know nothing of his sordid treatment of every woman he encounters.
He was captured by Ensign Keen while careening his ship and hung by the neck before the Directors in Bumbay.
Cpt. Bastien Le Dregg is a Cock o” the Walk (IV) and amongst his pyrates, a popular cove. A strapping fellow (5), the French deserter come pyrate “prince” is fair of face and dresses flamboyantly.  He is a fair-hand with a cutlass and an occasional horseman, although he hasn’t ridden in many years. Though highly Charsimatic and Honourable (for a pyrate), his Avaricious ways are what got him where he is today.
He escaped the British assault on Ghoneriah by fleeing into the jungle.
Quartermaster Ebenezer Briggs is a bald giant (6) and once the pyrate quartermaster of the “Blue Raja”.   
Captured by the British and severely wounded, Mr. Briggs is now a “servant” of the Empire under the direction of Lt. Wigglesworth.