An exotic land of untold riches. A land culturally divided by race and caste. A land of a thousand divine religions. A land of heat, disease and death.

Indostan. A land at war.

While the remnants of the Great Gurkani Empire tosses in its death throes, a myriad of warring princely states and their private armies vie for the imperial throne. Both Britain and France, served by the British East Indostan Company and La Compagnie des Indostan, respectively, have harbored invested interests in Indostan for decades, conducting relatively peaceful and lucrative enterprise with the blessings of the last of the Gurkani Emperors. But with a war in Europe brewing and the volatile state of affairs in Indostan, each has been forced to back a royal claimant and join the war. Who will triumph in the relentless heat and claim Indostan as the Jewel in the Crown...?

This blog is dedicated to a wargaming campaign set in a fictitious 18th century India, using the Sharp Practice rules. Gathered here are all of the after action reports of the games played, location and character bios, as well as information on the terrain and miniatures used. Enjoy.


A compilation of British characters (Big Men) appearing in our campaign, listed here in order of relevance.

Lt. Archibald Keen, is a Fine Fellah (II); a strapping fellow (5) and fair of face to boot. Common born, a gentleman due only to his uniform, Keen is the son of a wealthy Scottish textiler, a fact that rates him a popular cove amongst his men. As a wee lad he was brought up in the home of a Highland uncle, and as a result is an accomplished broad-swordsman and occasional horseman. Honourable and Charismatic, the man is largely without fault.
As a mere Ensign, Keen was placed in command of a force of Bumbay Marines aboard the Company ship, the Peafowl. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant after he was instrumental in the capture of the notorious pyrate, Captain "Indigo". He commanded the assault on the cannon battery of the Pyratehold of Ghoneriah, ensuring the success of the attack.After being posted to an infantry regiment in Madipras the supply train he was escorting was ambushed by Putpari bandits.
Adm. Henry Makepeace is a Jolly Good Chap (III), an average stamp (4) and plain of face. The fourth son of a Company Nabob, he treats his men fairly and they him accordingly. He is a slasher with the sword, having little interest in swordplay, and is a novice horseman. A strong sense of pride prevents Makepeace from delegating his command to others, a smear on his otherwise well-rounded character, a trait he Sanctimoniously hides from his subordinates. 
Makepeace commands the BEIC ship, Peafowl. He was badly wounded during a daring rescue mission, when a tulwar near took of his leg. He now sports a fashionable limp. He was promoted to the rank of Admiral and led the successful assault on the Pyratehold of Ghoneriah, ending the pyrate threat in Indostan.
Midn. Jonathon Hunt is a Young Buck (I), shy both of age and experience. He is an average young stamp (4) and plain of face, who has never done anyone aboard the “Peafowl” any harm. Born to new money; he is more bookish than seaworthy, is a fair-hand with the sword, but a novice horseman. He is heroically Honourable and an accomplished Linguist, a skill which he has put to great use in Indostan. 
He assisted Keen in silencing the pyrate battery of Ghoneriah.
First Mate Seaman Sprays is an average stamp (4). 
He was instrumental in the rescue of one Mr. Smythe, a Company envoy, captured by the enemy. He was the first to move on the guns of Ghoneriah, ensuring they ceased their firing.
Sgt. Selwyn Maddox is a giant of a man (6), a Welshman through and through, and veteran of many an engagement. 
He first met Keen aboard the Peafowl, a sergeant of the Bumbay  Marines. In battle against Captain "Indigo" he personally felled the pyrate Quartermaster, Briggs, and went on to hold the rear gates of Ghoneriah. He was seriously wounded when he was shot through the shoulder during an ambush by Putpari bandits.
Miss Elizabeth Lovejoy, is the beautiful young daughter of the Company Director, Alawishus Lovejoy. 
She was brought to Indostan by her father to wed her fiancee, the promising young infantry officer, Captain Mattais Snodgrass. On route to Madipras her ship was captured by the infamous pyrate, Thomas "Indigo", and she was taken hostage. She was rescued by the crew of the Peafowl, thanks to the direct efforts of a young Ensign, Archibald Keen. Later, she was escorted on to Madipras, but not before befriending her savior, the newly promoted Lieutenant Keen. While en route to see her betrothed, the supply train her father and Elizabeth were traveling with was ambushed by savage Putpari bandits.
Mr. Alawishus Lovejoy is a director of the Honorable East Indostan Company; the father of the beautiful, Elizabeth Lovejoy.
En route to visit the Company outpost of Fort St. Daffyd, the supply train he was traveling with was ambushed by Putpari bandits.
Cpt. Mattias Snodgrass, is a promising young infantry officer serving in Madapras. He is the fiancee of the beautiful Miss Elizabeth Lovejoy.
Lt. Horatio "Bunny" Wigglesworth is a Fine Fellah (II), although he is universally detested by the men of the “Peafowl”. An average stamp (4) in regards to his physique, he is a pretty boy concerning his looks and often applies make-up. Having had a formal education, as his family is wealthy “old money”; he is an accomplished fencer and an occasional horseman. A Cad through and through, Wigglesworth is an Avaricious Lecher, who puts money and his lust for women above all else.
Lt. Colin Maggott, although a Fine Fellah (II), is a Bounder and universally detested by his troops. He hails from distinguished “Old Money”, which may explain, but not excuse, his horrid qualities. A strapping fellow (5), despite his plumpness, he is a fair hand with the sword and an accomplished horseman to boot. There is little nice to say about the man – he is a Gluttonous Lecher, and should his men get the opportunity they would be rid of him as soon as able.
He was taken ill with a severe bout of dysentery aboard the Peafowl allowing Archibald Keen his first position of command.