An exotic land of untold riches. A land culturally divided by race and caste. A land of a thousand divine religions. A land of heat, disease and death.

Indostan. A land at war.

While the remnants of the Great Gurkani Empire tosses in its death throes, a myriad of warring princely states and their private armies vie for the imperial throne. Both Britain and France, served by the British East Indostan Company and La Compagnie des Indostan, respectively, have harbored invested interests in Indostan for decades, conducting relatively peaceful and lucrative enterprise with the blessings of the last of the Gurkani Emperors. But with a war in Europe brewing and the volatile state of affairs in Indostan, each has been forced to back a royal claimant and join the war. Who will triumph in the relentless heat and claim Indostan as the Jewel in the Crown...?

This blog is dedicated to a wargaming campaign set in a fictitious 18th century India, using the Sharp Practice rules. Gathered here are all of the after action reports of the games played, location and character bios, as well as information on the terrain and miniatures used. Enjoy.


Sourcing figures is a large part of the allure of miniature wargaming. In my search to populate Indostan with it's lead heroes and villains I have come across many beautiful (and some not so beautiful) miniature ranges from all over the world. I have compiled a list of the types and ranges used on this blog and in our games.
All miniatures are in the 28mm scale.

British: The bulk of the British infantry are from Front Rank's Jacobite Rebellion range.
Front Rank WSS Officer

Old Glory European Captain
The naval officers are from the Old Glory European Captains pack. There are quite a few contortionist like poses (typical of some of Old Glory ranges) but they are fairly priced and can be used for many different purposes (see civilians below).



Wargames Foundry Pirate
PIRATES: The real world pirates that plagued 18th century India were of native stock, the likes of Kanhoji Angria, a Maratha Indian whose operations off the west coast of India developed into what was probably the most successful piracy endeavor of the 17th or 18th century. Alas this is Indostan and I couldn't resist throwing together a pirate force of both European and Oriental types.
For the European pirates I looked no further than Wargames Foundry who have a very substantial range of cutthroats, boarders and buccaneers, with a plethora of wicked weapons.
Eureka Turkish Pirate
Eureka does a nice range of Turkish pirates that I have used in conjunction with the European pirates to give that oriental feel and add a little spice. The size of the figures are not very consistent and there are some slimmer and stockier builds in this range. Some are musket/jezail armed and others have tulwars or spears. All in all, they are very nice, especially the Turkish pirate captain figure which I really like.
Alternatively traditional Indian pirates could be represented by the figures above, used for the Indostani troops.

CIVILIANS: Some gentlemen civilians were recruited from the Old Glory European Captains and the Old Glory Fat Governor and Creepy Assistants packs. 


Animals and Livestock